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Virtual Organizing


Let's DIY but with a Coach!



What it Virtual Organizing (VO)?

Some may think, “I’m just not good at organizing anything.” or “I tend to start a project and not finish.” Think of this as an opportunity to learn the skill of organizing as private lessons in the comfort of your own location. You won't have to spend anytime driving or prepping to have someone come over.  Me, your own personal coach, walking you through the process of accomplishing your project but through a device (phone, computer or iPad). 

In this day in time, where people have very busy lives and technology is always available, what better than to take advantage of saving time and money. 


SUCCESS - Coaching, guidance, support, and accountability to be sure you reach your goals.

AFFORDABILITY -   The cost of an all day session with me on site is much more costly than working 1-2 hour increments virtually.

TIME MANAGEMENT - We work at your speed and time availability.

NEW SKILL ACQUIRED -  Since you are doing the work yourself, you will learn amazing new habits that will be life changing and long lasting.

ALWAYS AN OPTION - If you have me working on-site, this is another way to compliment those sessions or as a maintenance session.


  • Well thought out plan of action that works for your needs.

  • Communication in between sessions for questions and troubleshooting any challenges

  • Help with decisions on items sorted, recycling/donation options and trash/dispensing of unwanted.

  • Assistance with purchasing of product that can be useful in your space for organizing.

  • Option: Can place items you want to sell on different marketplaces or vendors.


  • After your initial communication (email or call), we will do a short "intake" and set up a time for a “Virtual Discovery” session through a platform that is comfortable to you (must have smartphone, iPad or computer).

  • You will then receive an official email with all the appropriate information and forms needed before our “Virtual Discovery” session.  

  • The "Virtual Discovery” session will be approximately a 30 minute assessment (depends on the project) to discuss details on how to get you started on your organizing project. Including schedule, tools and a session journal.

Are you a good Candidate for VO? Ask yourself the following:

  1. Do I own a computer, smartphone or iPad and do I know how to use them properly? Even if you are not super tech savvy, as long as you know the basics I can walk you through the needs for our communication. What is important.​​​

  • Capable of using device to take pictures of your space.

  • Good internet service throughout your location.

  • Knowledge of how to use your video camera on your device.

  2.   Am I physically able to move the items I’m looking to work on (or have someone to assist me)?

  3.   I’m either a DIY person or have a strong desire to set a plan in place to stick to. 

  4.   I have thought about the current time I can set aside to accomplish my goals in a reasonable amount of time. 20 min/30 min/1 hour increments can work.

  5.   I have been saying for a while I want to work with Joby on a project but she is so far away from me?


 If you are questioning yourself on any of these or have other thoughts that you are not sure about PLEASE feel free to contact me. We will further discuss your possibilities to get started through Virtual Organizing. Text or call me at 562-882-4083 to schedule a time to talk.



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