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"Joby came to our apartment to organize the closet/bookshelf. Let me tell you, we found things I didn't know we had. She involved me in the process of selecting things that I no longer needed, and those that are of daily use. She separated things by categories, and provided containers to organize them inside. In less than 2 hours the closet looked amazing! She guided me on how to maintain it, so now I'm able to find my scissors and/or chargers when needed because I know exactly where they are! I highly recommend Living Lite Organized for your home, business, or any area you want to organize!"

Andrea S. -   HOME, Walnut Creek

Mechanical Engineer, Chevron

"I had been putting off creating a closet space at my workspace functional for both work and personal storage. Then came Joby to the rescue! From the time I called her to to the time the space was organized was maybe a week or so and would have been sooner had I had the time to meet with her earlier. She helped me purge old items without pressure to get rid of things I was hesitant to part with. Then she emailed me lots of design options for my storage containers. Once I chose those she came to organize! She was in and out and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Feeling organized and de cluttered is life changing and I feel so much lighter and happy!!!!


I would recommend Joby to all my friends and anyone else whose looking to get organized. Thank you Joby for making it seem less and easy."


Skin by Eleni, Pleasant Hill

"I highly recommend Joby! She was such a pleasure to work with. She organized my office and several spaces in our house including a garage that needed some serious work! She worked some miracles! We feel so much lighter and life is smoother without the clutter! They were some really big projects! The end result is beautiful and gives us so much peace of mind!"


Mind Neuro Balance, El Cerrito

"My husband brought dozens of boxes with him into our marriage, and after five years together we hadn't made as much progress as I'd like. Joby helped me go through our storage to get things sorted, labeled and organized, and watching her work helped me learned how to keep it that way! She has a great demeanor for this kind of work.

She was super patient and took a lot of the anxiety out of the job :))"

Tracy T. - HOME

Bay Point


Life Insurance Specialist

Joby has helped me purge and organize my things in my house and garage. She is kind, patient and good at problem solving!

Carol S. - HOME


"I have hired Joby on several occasions to assist me at various clients homes and have always found her to be a very hard worker, and to possess the natural talents to work at whatever task she is asked to perform. She is open to new ideas and is very eager to learn from those she works with.  Joby is liked by those that I have seen her around and she is willing to go the extra mile to be a team player."

Pam Huesman

Professional Organizer

Organized Solutions

"I have worked with Joby Aranda on many of my organizing jobs over the past couple of years. She has proven herself, time and time again, as a professional organizer who is warm, caring, and committed."

Jen Cazares

Professional Organizer

Livable Spaces

"Joby has worked alongside me on many occasions.  She had the initiative to contact me and ask for crew work when she first started her own organizing work and has grown tremendously as she has tackled different situations.  She is a hard worker who adapts the environment to suit specific client needs.  She listens to clients and sets up common-sense systems that work and can be maintained easily.  I highly recommend her organizing services."

Joy Perkins

Professional Organizer

Omnibus Organizing

Living Lite ORGANIZED!

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