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Congratulations and welcome to your first step! LET'S GET STARTED.

Everyone's way of learning a new skill is different. We will be sure to be patient, kind and completely open to helping you hone the tools of organizing. 


  • Non judgmental assessment 

  • Diligent Physical work to accomplish your needs

  • Include a "Plan of Action" which is a written plan of strategies to reach your goals

  • Take your specific situation into consideration to tailor fit the plan

  • Be your guide in transferring skills so you can keep your project/space organized longterm

  • Complete confidentiality 


In a world where change is constant sometimes we need a little help. Here are some possible reasons for needing organizing services. 

  • Relocation/move (move management and/or pack/unpack)

  • Home/office remodel

  • Carpet/Floor redone

  • New baby arrival

  • Divorce

  • Going paperless

  • Needing clutter control

  • History of chronic disorganization

  • Staging for sale of home

  • Space refresh

  • Lifestyle change

  • Just married

  • Looking for paper management/system solutions

  • Downsizing (upsizing or editing current home)

  • Everyday functionality

The Process

  • After your initial communication/Discovery (email or call), we will do a short "intake" and set up a time for a *CONSULTATION at the location of the project (possibly over the phone as well). 

  • The *CONSULTATION will be approximately a 30-60 minute assessment. We can either do it virtually or in person (depending on the project and time) to discuss, see the space we will be working on and come up with a plan. After the consultation in an email, I will take all the information and put together the "Action Plan" which will give you the details of my proposal for your project/s.

  • After we come to an agreement on the Action Plan, I will email you a contract/agreement, 25% non-refundable deposit request towards your total estimated cost and set a date for the project/s. 

  • All jobs require a 3 hour minimum per crew member per day.


**The CONSULTATION & Action Plan is $125. Once hired for your project the $125 will be applied towards the labor hours. 


  • On-site consultation with a detailed customized "Action Plan"

  • Coaching on how to maintain your organized systems in place

  • Assistance with donation drop-offs or pick-up scheduled

  • Assistance with e-waste, recycling, hazmat 

  • Time management

  • Research involving your needs for your project/s

  • Shopping for organizing product solutions & supplies

  • Liaison to other service agents & contractors brought into the project

  • Phone, text, and/or email check-ins

Other Optional Services 

  • Handyman services

  • Residence and Commercial cleaning 

  • Hauling 

  • Housecleaning services

  • Accountability Program for clutter control

Living Lite 



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